More “news you can use”

Bunny was commenting that CNN has gone “all OJ all the time” so I decided to post some other news. I wanted to comment on these stories — but I think they speak for themselves. 

Both from Reuter’s.  One from here (excerpts below)

Man hides sex toys in the wurst way…

Wed Sep 19, 2007 11:10am EDT

BERLIN (Reuters) – Staff at a German butcher’s shop were shocked to discover a customer had hidden two sex toys in their sausages for transport to Dubai, police said Wednesday.

“It was two latex dildos with a natural look,” said a spokesman for police in the southwestern city of Mannheim.

© Reuters 2006. 

You know – there are things you can purchase over the Internet.
 And one from here (excerpts below) 

He used WHAT?

Wed Sep 19, 2007 10:51am EDT

SYDNEY (Reuters) – It was a stick up of a different kind for one Australian burglar, who broke into a neighbor’s house and played sex games in the bathroom with a bottle of toilet detergent and a vacuum cleaner.

. . .

A vacuum cleaner was also found in the bathroom, but the judge dismissed a defense submission that there was no proof the vacuum has been used for sexual purposes.

“I’m sure that your client didn’t hoover the carpets,” the newspaper and AAP quoted judge Tony Rafter as saying.

© Reuters 2006.


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