Words to live by.

Bunny asked how I saved someone’s eyesight. 

And, I can put it in two simple words, somehow even before the original radio series, I had known (maybe a future edition fell through a timewarp) that two of the most important words in the English language were …


And, I didn’t (panic), which I think, more than anything else, made the difference.

 I was dating a guy, and he had younger brothers.  One day, the brothers came home from playing around the nearby industrial park, with the youngest (“Jay”) having gotten his eyes full of bleach. 

So Jay’s mom decides (and a good idea it was) that Jay needed to have his eyes flushed and systematically starts to do this by tossing Jay’s head under the bathtub faucet and holding Jay’s eyes open with her fingernails or something.  Mom did not have the calm demeanor needed for the situation had obviously not received an advance copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide.  So at that point in time a 16 year old me jumped in and took over the washing out of the eyes (not using fingernails, and not causing more panic in the boy).  Someone drove a car with mom in the front seat and me and the boy in the back.  (I think I was trying to put some distance between the mom and Jay). I had a bunch of water and made someone stop at a drugstore to get an eyedropper.  So for the entire (20 minute?) drive to the hospital I had Jay’s eyes opened (I think I had managed this by using the NON nail part of my fingers) and I just kept putting water into his eyes (which was MUCH less messy once we had gotten an eye dropper).

After all was said and done, a medical type person came to us in the waiting room and said something along the lines of whoever kept his eyes flushed out probably saved his eyesight.

That’s a general overview — some details are fuzzy but that’s the basics of the events.  Honestly, I don’t know why I remained calm – perhaps because I have an innate ability to remain calm or perhaps because I didn’t (at the time) realize just how bad things were.  I like to think that I have the innate characteristic of remaining calm during a storm.  I do know that incident was the first time I was ever faced with an emergency, so I was able to use that as my first benchmark to know my reaction under pressure.  I have since, a few times, proven that I can remain calm in an emergency. 

 Hmmm I wonder what ever happened to him.  Or the rest of the family.


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