So what have I done??

So I was thinking — instead of writing a list of 50 things I want to do by 50 (or 60 things I want to do by 60 or whatever) I’m just going to admit to myself that by the time I actually get around to writing a list I’ll be looking at 90 things I want to do by 90 (what can I say, I tend to procrastinate). 

Instead of writing what I plan to do, I’ll write what I have accomplished. 

And here we have it, 50 (or so) things I accomplished before I was 50, in absolutely no particular order.  Some are bunched together because they were about the same time, others might be decades apart but about the same geographic area.

  1. Saw the lovely city of Chicago from the top of the Sears Tower the tallest building in the country.
  2. seurat_chahut.jpgSaw this painting at a museum in the Netherlands.  I absolutely fell in LOVE with the study for this painting, (I find it totally “uplifting” and needed to see the full size painting in person.  
  3. g20159_wm.jpgMost people, when they this of Seurat, think of this painting, and I have been lucky enough to live near Chicago’s Art Institute and have seen this many times (and each time I notice something different).
  4. Survived a lightening strike.  OKAY – so technically I wasn’t home at the time that my house was hit, but when I was a little girl one of my biggest fears was that my house would get hit by lightening and burn.  I do consider it a significant event of my life.
  5. Learned self defense — this was a great class that a couple I knew talked me into taking.  I took the class with one of the ladies (I think the other lady already knew self defense) but I’m really glad that I took it.  Of course, the impetus for taking a self defense class was the fact that I
  6. Survived being attacked in my home.  And let me say this — while I didn’t have it at the time, I think that enhanced 911 is one of the greatest inventions in the world.  If I’d had it I might never have
  7. Had a broken bone (nose).
  8. Given birth (anyone that’s done it knows what an accomplishment that is)
  9. Adopted a child
  10. Breastfed a child (hey — only 1/2 of the population is even CAPABLE of doing that).
  11. Helped other moms breastfed their children (for a while ‘back in the day’ I was a La Leche League leader) I like to think I might have made a difference in the life of one or more children.
  12. Gotten married
  13. Gotten divorced (and married again)
  14. Saved someone’s eyesight.
  15. hope-diamond-picture.jpgSeen bling at the Smithsonian.
  16. Been to the Grand Canyon.
  17. Eaten at Emerils. 
  18. Seen the sunrise over the Atlantic.
  19. Seen whales in their natural habitat.  (I’ve also seen them at the aquarium – but I don’t count that)
  20. Seen Stonehedge
  21. Seen the changing of the guard at Buckingham.  (What I mostly remember is a LOT of camcorders.)
  22. pic_ctr_master_greg2.jpgBeen on a tour of the Waterford factory. (That’s just some generic guy from the website — at the time I didn’t have a digital camera.
  23. Been on a tour of the Jack Daniels factory.
  24. Been on a tour of the Annehauser Busch factors – and met the pretty ponies (though not the same ones seen playing football during the Stupid Bowl commercials).
  25. Been parasailing.
  26. Seen giant pandas
  27. Toured our nation’s capital.
  28. Seen Niagra falls.
  29. Climbed Diamond Head
  30. Seen Yosemite
  31. Played darts (even won a couple of trophies — so remember this, I have awards for accurate throwing of sharp objects)
  32. Danced on an Interstate.  We were driving in Pennsylvania and something happened that made the road close (I can’t remember exactly what).  I figured we weren’t going anyway so I made Matthew get out and we danced around on the highway — cause then we could say we did.
  33. Visited Yorkshire – to see Herriot’s stomping grounds.
  34. Learned to drive a stick shift car (okay — when I learned to drive I learned on a manual transmission – not that it was in the days before automatic transmissions – I’m not that eld) (actually one of our cars is still a standard transmission).
  35. Been to four major league ball parks (Busch in St. Louis, Fenway in Boston, Comiskey in Chicago — HEY if I go to a Sox game in the Cell would that count as 5??, and, of course, the friendly confines — “back in the day” Friday was “ladies day” and females could get in for $1 — I remember pretending that I didn’t know how to keep a scorecard – a great way to flirt.)
  36. Walked 30 miles in one day (okay I was a bit younger then).
  37. Learned rock climbing (afterwards decided it was difficult and dangerous and me, native Illinoisian, would much rather keep to flat ground – but I learned it).
  38. I’ve been to Chinatown in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.
  39. I’ve “oopa”ed in Chicago’s Greektown.
  40. I’ve hugged Mickey Mouse
  41. img_0461.jpgI’ve dined with Princesses
  42. img_1093.jpgThat photo reminds me I’ve done a might good job of doing tie-dye
  43. I learned to play bridge (I’ve completely forgotten – but I knew at one point in time)
  44. I’m semi competent at basic car maintenance (I can change a tire and jump a battery if Spouse doesn’t decide to “help” me “clean out the car” by removing the jumper cables).
  45. Seen the complete works of Shakespeare (abridged — hey I’m in the mid 40s here and I’m really searching for stuff)
  46. I have an AUTOGRAPHED copy of one of the Harry Potter books.  I got it when J.K. Rowling was in my town back in 1999 (when Prisoner was first released). I got to spend the day with me (then 9 year old) niece#3, and 7,000 of her closest friends.

NOW — it’s 11 at night and I’m taking my two kids (and niece #4) camping this weekend (withOUT spouse) and I’m tired so

I challenge YOU, dear readers (that know me) to come up with four more things that I’ve done. 

So — while I may never have swam with dolphins or climbed Mount Everset or seen the northern lights or been arrested — at least I did a few things before becoming worm food.  All in all, if I drop dead tomorrow I hope they’ll say I had a good run.


4 responses to “So what have I done??

  1. You encouraged learning and good grades from your “nieces!” (Now that I talked up my good grades I can’t remember if the exclamation point goes inside or outside of the quotation marks… I’ll just file that under mommy brain)

  2. Interesting! How did you save somebody’s eyesight? Please elaborate.

  3. Very cool. I put a parallel post up on my blog.

  4. 1. Organized and hosted a reunion in Chicago for your August Mom friends.

    2. Ran your own business.

    3. Did you walk the Golden Gate Bridge? (or drive over it)

    4. Ate local seafood in VA Beach

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