Call me a relic call me what you will

Say I’m old fashioned say I’m over the hill

(hey, my friend over at  The Family Blender has been doing a lot of songs as titles lately).

Over the past month or so, a few of the blogs I’ve read have mentioned the aging process.  This amuses me (as they’re all younger than me).  My friend Somewhere in the Suburbs had this to say about heading toward the ripe old age of 40. 

And then, I went to the dentist.  While cleaning my teeth, the hygenist said, “Now, you’ll want to be careful with your brushing.  You’ve got some areas that we need to watch for receeding gums.  But don’t worry too much, that’s just something that happens when you’re older.”

Now, a few months ago I wouldn’t have thought that nearing the ripe old age of 40 was getting old, but I have recently discovered that you reach the top of that hill much sooner as my  scooter driving pal mentioned.

OK, it’s true, today is my birthday. I am now almost old, though not old enough to run for president, at which time I will be officially old.

YEAH – the top of the hill is at 35.  Remind me to call Scooter in 5 years. 

Me, personally, I haven’t figured out what old IS but I have figured out what old is NOT

See, I’m the youngest of three, with my sister being 2.5 years old than me, and my brother being 5 years older than me.  And while I have been known to remind them that I am the youngest of the brood, I will not call either of them old. 

Cause all I know is if I determine that “old” is the age of my brother, or “old” is the age of my sister, then I will officially be “old” in 5 (0r 2.5) years. 

And while there have certainly been days I’ve felt OLD (and weary) I am not yet old.  So those that drive Suburbans in the Burbs, or Scooters in the city remember if *I* ain’t there yet you got a far sight to go.

(Hill??  What hill?? I don’t remember any hill??)

That said — I do have a birthday forthcoming and while I’ll be glad to be away from the little urchins certainly miss spending it with my family since I’ll be out of town with GIRLFRIENDS, if anyone feels a strong need to send bling or chocolate, I certainly won’t deny you the pleasure.


2 responses to “Call me a relic call me what you will

  1. Well, old is a relative thing. Everyone else is old relative to me. 😉

  2. As Mike said, it’s good to have older friends. I know that I’m not old at all when considering the big picture view, and, besides, the nice clerk at the convenience store called me miss again today. 🙂

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