(Where and) how Part 2

For me probably the most profound life changing event of the day was the loss of Windows on the World restaurant. 


That might sound trite — but let me explain.  I (like many others) have (and have had) things that I want to do “sometime.”  Most likely when I get around to it.


You know, the list of 40 things to do before you turn 40, that turns into the list of 50 things you want to do before 50 that turns into the list of 60 ……..

I mean I’ve never even gotten around to formally writing out the list (hmmm another future blog idea) but one thing that was on the unofficial list was having dinner at Windows on the World. 

And it didn’t really matter when it got done, because “it would always be there.”  And now, it’s not there.  So when I tell myself I want to do something but there’s not hurry because “it will always be there” I remember that things are subject to change.  And that we have to take into account the transitory nature of life. 

Later in 2001 we had started the paperwork process for adopting Princess.  It was a decision that was percolating for quite some time, and I can’t be sure if the attacks had something to do with that decision or not.  But it could be like the Windows on the World restaurant — if we sit on the fence too long, will the option still be available? 

Then, two years later when it was time for someone to travel to China to bring home the Princess there was the question of whether one or both of us would travel.  After the travel difficulties following 9-11 and after the travel difficulties following the SARS epidemic I was absolutely clear that I would not have one of my children be on a continent without at least one parent.  I wasn’t going to leave Chip and go 1/2 way around the world with the knowledge that we might end up not being able to get back for weeks. 

 I know others have mentioned that it’s more difficult to travel by air.  But as I usually fly maybe once or twice a year that hasn’t made much of a difference in my life. 

I don’t know how I’ve changed from the events.  All I know is that if I look at any 6 year period of my life I hope that I’ve matured some.

And if not, at least I’ve “grown” some.  (Hmmm would that I weighed less than then).


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