Where (and how) Part 1

In this blog posting, Alto 2 suggests blogging where we were on Sept. 11, 2001, and how these events have changed our lives.

QUITE the fun topic, don’tcha think??

At the time, Princess was a few months old, but living 1/2 way around the world and Chip was not yet in school.  That particular day was a day that Chip was going to Gma’s house, and Spouse was driving him so I wasn’t needing (or wanting) to get out of bed particularly early.  Spouse, on the other hand was up and getting ready to drop Chip at Gma’s before going to work.

Spouse is a new junkie.  He basically lives his life between news radio and Fox news.  How this drives me bonkers can be an entire other blog posting.   So while I was “sleeping” (actually drifting in and out of sleep) the news reports were coming in on the radio in the bedroom.  So, I was having these really weird dreams about planes flying into buildings.  Somehow my mind decided that the first plane was a traffic plane that accidentally flew into a building, and the second plane was doing a new story about the first plane when it ran into a building.  Because (as we all knew) people do not fly planes into building on purpose.  

Well, as the day went on we all found out otherwise.  I went to the dentist that day and they were (of course) listening to the radio.  Typically for me going to the dentist is a very relaxing experience, but not that day.  And then I went home to watch (and try to assimilate) what was going on.  I was rather glad that Chip was at Gmas that day, as I wanted to watch the news reports that were flowing in, and I did not want my (then) 5 year old to be watching this with me.  (I had called Gma and Gpa and told them NO TV for Chip – at least no TV news).  Like many others, I checked in with my family and friends and knew where everyone was safely tucked away.  And, like many others, I tried to understand what was going on. 

That evening like many others (judging from the parking lots I drove past) I went to a prayer service at my church (now that made sense).  Spouse had asked how long I’d be and I was like “let’s see, I really have no frame of reference for how long a prayer service being held because 4 passenger jets crash, three of them into building, should last” 

That weekend I went to a wedding.  My friends were getting married that day and they decided to continue on with their plans.  It was a bit difficult as they lived in Texas and were getting married in the Chicago area and had many friends and relatives travelling.  But like many others they realized that going on with life was a way of not losing.  So we went and I danced at their wedding.  At one point in time some guy (later we found out he was one of the bride’s uncles) wandered over to our table and started taking all the sugar packets.  We were all wondering “what’s the deal with this” when the bride mentioned that (a) he was her uncle and (b) he had just come in from New York City.  He’s from New York??  Well then he can have all the sugar packets he wants. 

After the wedding, we went camping for the rest of the weekend with my Sunday school class.  I found it quite a relief to be away from everything, no TVs, no radios. 

I also remember being at a neighborhood park a few days (a week) after the attacks.  Now, I live in an area that is on a flight path for flights landing at O’Hare and for flights taking off from Midway.  So seeing airplanes in the are is a normal part of everyday life.  And it had been a while since planes had been in the air, and then commercial air travel was reinstated and while we were at the park we suddenly started seeing airplanes.  The kids didn’t notice anything but all the adults were hyper aware of the sudden reappearance of planes. 


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