I ask this now, Who Would Jesus Bribe???

Crem is a great best friend.  One of the things that makes him a GREAT best friend is that he knows exactly which buttons to push to drive me absolutely INSANE!!!  Of course, as anyone that knows me could tell you, it’s not really all that far of a drive.

One button that he enjoys “pushing” is the “pillar” button.  He will sometimes call me a “pillar of the community.”  (Cause he knows it drives me bonkers).  I’m married with (I suppose) the “proper” number of kids.  Not quite 2.4 but close enough (I suppose Spouse could count as .2 kid and I could count as .2 kid if necessary).  We live in an excellent school district and I am (somewhat) active in the shool and (somewhat) active in my church. 

Once a month at my church I run the computer at the Contemporary Worship service (see, there I am being active in my church and being a “pillar”).  There’s two parts to the job, one is setting up the program and one is actually running the program on Sunday.  Typically the same person does the programming and running, however I swapped out with another “pillar” for this weekend.  I’m programming for her and she’s running for me (whereas last week she programmed for me and I ran for her so it all comes out even in the end). 

Part of the reason we swapped out is that this weekend I’m going on an annual camping trip with my Sunday School class (see, there I go being active with my Sunday School class — how pillar like is that). 

Now, as anyone that has ever worked with a group that includes some volunteers can tell you, sometimes things do not always get done in a timely manner (this never happens in the business community dontcha know).  Well, since I’m going out of town this weekend I wanted to try to expedite matters so I wrote to one of the people that needs to get me information and I politely requested suggested that he get me the stuff I need by Thursday.  Okay ACTUALLY I bribed him to get me the stuff by Thursday.  Okay, so since he will also be on the campout, I said “you make me happy you’ll get a backrub out of it.” 

Now I ask you – a MARRIED woman – (who incidentally is travelling withOUT her husband this weekend) offering physical favors to a SINGLE man??  Is THAT the mark of a “pillar” of the community?? 


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