Somewhat bizarre

My friend, mamasara sent me a link to the following really bizarre video.  And it reminded me of a post that’s been flitting in and out of my mind.

Canvas Bags by Tim Minchin

I’d say (depending on whether you’re talking number of visits, or number of dollars) that the majority (60-75%) of my grocery shopping is done at Trader Joe’s.  I could probably do a 30/30 (30 posts in 30 days) on recipes from Trader Joe’s products. 

When I go shopping at Trader Joe’s most often I take one of these bags along.
I take these bags along because

  1. They are environmentally friendly.
  2. They are machine washable.
  3. They fold down comfortably in my car, and can fit under the seat.
  4. They are strong and can hold a great deal of stuff.
  5. My local Trader Joe’s gives raffle tickets when you bring in your own bag. (hey – what’s in it for me, that’s what I always say)

When I shop at the local “regular” grocery store, I typically take one of THESE along

  1. They are environmentally friendly.
  2. They are easy to clean.
  3. They fold down comfortably in my car, and can fit under the seat.
  4. They are strong and can hold a great deal of stuff.
  5. Generally I’m a smartass and I find it more entertaining to take my TJs bag along to the local store.

Yeah I mean I’m all for saving the planet and all that — but it’s much more fun when I can either get something out of it (free stuff — but I haven’t won the raffle yet — oh well maybe next month) or have people think I’m odd (as opposed to my friends and family – that know I’m odd).

Though today I realized, since TJ’s started doing the raffle I’ve been reusing bags considerably more. 

Which is odd, because the way I realized that I’m reusing bags is because we have a “bag oh bags” of plastic bags, and there are hardly any bags in there.

But then, we never got plastic bags from TJ’s anyway — so somehow the raffle at TJ’s has gotten us me (still can’t talk Spouse into reusing bags but as I do the majority of shopping) reusing bags more everywhere.

My friend over at Trees and Flowers and Birds had a posting a while back (I couldn’t link it because I could find a search on her page) about these really cool looking PURPLE canvas bags. But, seeing as how the Trader Joe’s bags are cheap ($1) at Trader Joe’s (which is convenient when I’ve forgotten to bring along my green bag but I still want my raffle ticket) and the Green Bags are a fundraiser for my church, and my local grocer is now (finally) selling bags similar to the Green Bags for $1, I’m really not seeing a way to justify buying something else.

The GOOD news is, now that the local grocer is selling bags similar to the Green Bags, I can now use the Green Bags at the self check without driving the computer crazy “unrecognized item is in the bagging area”


2 responses to “Somewhat bizarre

  1. Get those bags for sure! My fashionable purple ones were $5 each! Chico bags they are. Of course, 2 months after I buy them my local big name grocer (Vons) starts offering their own black reusable bags also for $.99 each. Ah well.

    Thanks for the heads up – I will add search on my page.

  2. HEY — I figure even if the local grocer starts carrying the reusable bags *after* we buy them it’s still a WIN situation. I like to think that seeing people come in with reusable bags makes them think “hmmm people really do use these things – let’s get some for our customers” so we’re sort of trendsetters.

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