Part 2 — it’s not nice to fool mother nature (the b1tch)

This is a continuation of my previous post.If you haven’t read that yet, you might want to — things will make more sense that way.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the next morning Spouse walks the kids to the school bus and comes back to announce that there will, in fact, NOT be a question about whether we will meet the $500 deductible on our insurance.  Remember that first storm from Thursday, well it was a good thing that I actually left the house when I did because we later found out that THIS


Resulted in this p1020257crop.jpg

I’m really glad I wasn’t here at the time with all four kids.  I’m sure that was really loud and really scary.  If you look at all those bumps in the roof, that’s where the lightening hit my BRAND NEW one year old roof. 

Needless to say, we’ve exceeded the $500 deductible in our homeowner’s insurance.

So, Friday morning saw a change in my plans.  I took Niece#4 and Nephew#1 back to Gmas because she had two things I didn’t have, #1 being phone service, and #2 being an Internet connection. 

I spent quite a bit of time talking to a very nice young girl at the insurance company.  She kept THANKING me.  Why was she THANKING me you may ask?  Well, she had been at work for 5 hours already that day, and I was the *FIRST* person not to b1tch at her for something she had no control over anyway.  For some reason I don’t think being a decent, patient, and polite human being should be considered the EXCEPTION to the rule.  But I guess it was that day. 

So, I dumped Niece#4 and Nephew#1 with Gma (it’s nice to live in a town with family) and went off to try to figure things out and straighten things up.  I got a call and came home to meet with the bloody git air conditioning guy.  It took him three trips to fix the A/C (I think he should have been able to do it in two – especially given the number of phone calls I heard him make on trip #2 – it’s like he never repaired an Air Conditioner before).  But three trips, one control panel, and $600 dollars later, we do finally have air conditioning. 

One of the most entertaining parts of this adventure is finding out how many things depend upon other things.  We fix something (one example being the wireless router) only to find out that something else up (down?) stream from that is also broken (like the cable modem).  HEY at least the cable modem was rented so that was replaced by the cable company, and as we’d had the moden about 8 years, we figured it was about time for a replacement anyway.

 More later.

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