Well, it should be that simple

I believe my children are human beings.  As such I believe that they are entitled to certain inalienable rights.  Sometimes I think this means that they are somehow entitled to know what is going on in their lives.

 I am an IDIOT!!!

Somehow both Chip and Princess have taken this to mean that they should always not only understand what is going on in their lives, but that they should always have a say. 

But that doesn’t really work for me, because sometimes

“Because I said so”

Should really oughta be enough. 

Take tomorrow for instance, today and tomorrow are “curriculum nights” are the school that Chip and Princess attend.  AMAZINGLY enough, both of their grades have the same night for curriculum night, AND both the neighbor kids have the same night for curriculum night *AND* they are opposite nights.  Now, when it comes to someone to watch our children for school events, we have quite a few options.  There’s Grandma, SIL, friends kids old enough to babysit, and heck even Crem has come through in a pennypinch.  But let’s face it — shipping them NEXT DOOR is the simplest option (and I LIKE the simple options).  Well, Princess is sometimes best friends with Heathcliff (the 5 year old boy next door).  Those that have kids know what “friendships” are like at that age.  Today they’re best friends, tomorrow they HATE each other, and the day after that they’ll be best friends again.  Right now (as of about 7:30 tonight) Princess and Heathcliff HATE each other, so Princess does *NOT* want to go to the hyphen house tomorrow.  Well, I figure by the time I finish explaining all the whys and wherefores to her, she and Heathcliff will be best friends so why even bother. 

BUT – because I have been known to treat my children like reasonable humans with ideas and opinoins, they have the (mistaken) inpression that they should always be treated that way. 

How the bloody h311 do I convince them that

Because I said so

IS really good enough sometimes?


3 responses to “Well, it should be that simple

  1. You say it. You follow through. You don’t negotiate. You put your foot down. Be like me! Oh, and I believe those are inalienable *rights* you mentioned in the first paragraph.

  2. THANKS Also2 — I changed that (though now that I think about it, maybe I just mean that they are little aliens.

  3. A clothing optional resort?? OMG, that would be SO scary! I would never subject other people to that.

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