Oh what a tangled web

You’re a Spider!

It seems like you have eyes in the back of your head sometimes, and
you have an uncanny knack for creeping people out with that ability. You really
enjoy eating wraps, though you like them even more if you made them yourself. You
work tirelessly so that you can eat, but are good at getting rid of annoyances for
other people. There’s always just a little more drama than necessary when you’re
around. Oh, what tangled webs you weave!

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2 responses to “Oh what a tangled web

  1. You still have the old link to Christina’s blog…..I was confused about why she was writing about Merv Griffin’s prostate surgery!

  2. Hi Rambling Mom! Can you tell me your password? Pretty please? I don’t know if you already have access to my blog, but I’ll be glad to send you an invitation. I don’t know your email address.

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