Vacation in the Minivan …..

Vacation in the minivan Day #1.

Wake up too bloody early. Finish packing, do laundry. Go into my office where I had a couple of small items to attend to. Get home, take shower, and dress in business casual type clothes (not what I normally wear to drive). Finish packing the minivan and drive to the movie theater. What?? That’s not how you normally start a vacation.

Trade places with Spouse and kids in the line at the theater. Spouse takes kids off to feed them lunch, and I stand in line for an hour and 1/2. Am rejoined by Spouse and Chip, stand in line for another 1/2 hour, and then spend a very few minutes getting picture taken with, and talking to James and Oliver Phelps (more commonly known as The Weasley Twins). Pictures later.

Hop into Spouses sedan and “continue” on my road to vacation by driving to Golf Course Suburb for a baby shower. Niece #1 is having my first grandnephew, so we delayed the start of our vacation travels until after the shower. Chat with family and friends, and then a few hours later, Spouse, Chip, Princess, and GMA-W and GPA-W arrive in Golf Course Suburb. I hop in minivan with all except Spouse. He’s not joining us on vacation, as he started a new job last week and (a) it’s not really a good plan to take vacation right after starting a new gig and (b) since he’s on contract he only gets paid for the time he works — after a bit of time with no income, we can’t afford a week with no pay when there’s an option for a week WITH pay.

Drive for a bit and call spouse “where’s the camera” (which was used to take pictures of Chip, Ramblingmom, and the Phelps twins)? “In my pocket” so you’ll see no pictures from vacation until my return home (and my camera). Now, since we’re travelling with GMA-W and GPA-W (a/k/a the inlaws) we can borrow their camera at times. We’re also meeting SIL and BIL and their kids. BIL is a very avid photographer or so he pretends. We often see him posing people for pictures and taking pictures and doing all sorts of things with cameras, but we never actually see any of these photographs.

So we drive a few hours, get some dinner, and then drive a couple more hours and find a room with a pillow top mattress (and internet access).

We we’re going there may not be Internet access, so you may get the rest of the trip much later.


One response to “Vacation in the Minivan …..

  1. You are a saint for going on vacation with the outlaws and without DH. I didn’t realize he got that contract job, so **congratulations**. I hope it’s a salvageable week away.

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