Another predictions quiz — feel free to copy and keep score

1. Will Harry die and stay dead at the end of HPDH? (3 points)


2. Will Voldemort die and stay dead at the end of HPDH? (3 points)


3. Excluding Harry and Voldemort, who will be the most prominent character to die and stay dead? (3 points)


4. From HBP (p125, American Hardcover), in the shop while the trio were listening with Extendable Ears, what did Draco show Borgin that scared him? (3 points)

Draco has the Dark Mark

5. Assuming Hogwarts reopens as a school, who will return as a student, which means enrolled in classes whether or not they attend the classes (answer yes or no for 1 point each):

a. Harry?


b. Draco?


c. Hermione?


d. Luna?


e. Ron?


f. Neville?


g. Ginny?


6. Which will be the most prominent couple to marry, if any, during the time period covered in DH, excluding any epilogue? (3 points)

Bill and Fleur

7. Who will be the unusual person who performs magic for the first time “very late in life?” (3 points)

Aunt Petunia

8. Assuming Hogwarts reopens as a school, who will be the: (1 point each)

a. Head Boy?


b. Head Girl?


c. DADA Instructor?


d. Potions Master or Mistress?

Aberforth (hey — how far is a barkeep from a potions master??)

e. Headmaster or -mistress?

McGonagall (interim)

9. Where do Snape’s ultimate loyalties lie? (3 points)

I say he’s a free agent, trying to figure which side will end up on top.

10. Identify the six Horcruxes (asuming 7th soul fragment is in Voldemort’s body) (1 point each)

a. The Diary (given)
b. The Ring (given)
c. The Locket (highly suspect)
d. Nagini
e. Helga’s Cup
f. The Scar

11. What are Snape’s a) patronus and b) boggert? (1 point each)

A cauldron


12. What is behind the locked door at the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic? (2 points)

Love Love Love (I’m not sure HOW that’s behind the door??? Maybe an old Beatles recording :} ).

13. True or False? R.A.B. is Regalus Black (2 points)


Make up to 10 predictions not covered in the Compulsory Question section. (Up to five points each, depending on accuracy and creativity. Avoid overly obvious (Snape will have greasy hair, Herminone will answer a question correctly)

Neville will do something Incredibly Significant in the upcoming battle (like kill 13 death eaters at once or something).

Molly Weasley will die in order to save one (or more) of her children — possibly the git (Percy)

And I realize I don’t get ANY points for this one — but somewhere, sometime in the book Jo is going to have Fred and George cause us all to be rolling on the floor laughing.

Dumbledore’s inclusiveness is going to be significant, all the “good” magical folk are going to need to work together.

Harry will have a son — who will look just like his father (BUT — if he get Ginny Weasley pregnant — the child will look “just like his father” but have “his other’s hair”)

AND — I keep thinking that both Hagrid *AND* Arthur Weasley will die — every time Harry gets a father figure …

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