The Great Flooring Project of 2007

We are in the process of installing flooring over the first floor of my house. Spouse and I are installing. A while ago we learned that we don’t work well together, and if we’re working together we have to have one person in charge and one person only doing exactly what he or she is told. I’m much better at taking direction than Spouse. Which is not to say that I’m exactly stellar at taking directions, but I suppose an oak tree is slightly more pliable than a brick wall.

We decided to get some new flooring because our wonderful puppy caused the need in one room (he had some dietary issues), lucky for you unfortunately for you guys – we don’t have before pictures of the carpet. And it’s also unfortunate I didn’t get pictures of the carpet padding while I was painting, nobody will ever get to see how well the carpet padding went with the blue 3M painting tape.

This is taking longer than we expected. I will give kudos to the folks at iFLOOR. They sell both flooring and installation. The salesman we bought our stuff from comes from an installing background. We were having trouble, we went back to the store, and got a “hands on” demonstration. And I’m sure that it will continue to take a while. But I’m trying to remember the “mommy mantra” this too shall pass and eventually it will be done.

After all, myself, my Spouse, hammers, and power tools is not a really great combination.

Spouse at work

we sent this shot to Crem for a phone consult as to what to do with the doorjam.
We’re not suppose to “need” to tape the floor, but we discovered it works better.

I’m looking forward to sending the after pictures.


2 responses to “The Great Flooring Project of 2007

  1. Ya know, if that latest job offer doesn’t come through for Spouse, maybe he could go to work for iFloor as an installer. I’m just sayin’. Glad you’re getting a new floor.

  2. Hmmm..a downstairs floor project – sounds vaguely familiar….:-> Good luck! I can’t wait to see the results. I hope you are pleased as I have been.

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