Ah yes, another 17 years have come and gone and Magiciciada is back. You can find Ciciadas in the Chicagoland area by following this map

We have not been blessed with the cicidas in my neighborhood. I understand it’s because of the use of grubix? or something when our development went in.

Today however, Chip, Princess, and I went to the annual Pignic (guinea pig pignic) for The Critter Corral, A Guinea Pig Rescue.

The Pignic was held at a forest preserve in a nearby town. As we were driving every now and then I’d open my car window and say “THAT sound is the cicadas.” We hadn’t really heard them yet. Little did we realize that once we arrived at the Pignic we would be subjected to the noise for 2.5 hours able to hear the lovely songs of Magicicada.

And now that I got to do that, I’m more then willing to wait 17 years to put up with hear that sound again.

For those of you on the other side of the Mississippi that will never experience it, and want a taste of it, go find a very old gas powered lawn mower. Fire it up. Forget about your hearing protectors. Now get about another dozen or so lawn mowers and fire them up. Then play that sound endlessly for the next 6 weeks.

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One response to “Magicicada

  1. We called these 17-year locusts where I grew up. It was convenient that they showed up when my eldest brother was 17. I remember them coating the tulip poplar trees in our backyard. They were nasty.

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