What’s in a name …..

My day in reverse.

The last stop of the day was interesting. We had stopped at a teacher supply store to get a “graduation” present for Nephew1, who just “graduated” from Kindergarten. I’m wondering why I’m getting a graduation present for Kindergarten for chrissake and am determined not to spend too much money sure the party won’t be too bad.

One of the things I looked at was a trivia/fact book for Illinois. (Who Wants to be a Millionaire Illinois Edition or some such) I thought this might be fun for him, Niece4, Chip, and Princess. So I open up the book to a random page and see the following question ….

Which of the following skyscrapers is not in Chicago

1. Sears Tower
2. Empire State Building
3. John Hancock Building
4. Amoco Building

Now, for those that don’t live in Illinois (or don’t care) the Amoco Building changed names in Jan. 2001 to the Aon Building. (Incidentally, the book was copyrighted in 2001, which means that was after the name change. I’m reading this going ummm I count two buildings that aren’t in Illinois. We ended up getting him a Mad Libs book.

This was not the first glaring error I had experienced this evening — nope not even. The family and I went out to dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise. I may very well be corrupting my children raising two little parrotheads.

Anyway – it being Thursday night there was live music. Some guy was singing. He did some Elvis, Bob Dylan, Eagles, finally he did some Jimmy Buffett and



His mamma didn’t raise him right — at least MY kids know the words.

I hope they didn’t pay him too much. He certainly wasn’t worth all that.

He might have sounded better if I was in the bar, and had had a few boat drinks.


3 responses to “What’s in a name …..

  1. Hmm, I’ll take one of those on the left 🙂

  2. Oh fer chrissakes! HOW can you mess up Cheeseburger??
    That was the first song that we played in the car as we took DS2 home from the hospital. Perhaps that is why he is known in my house as The Fruitcake??

  3. Suggestion for little kid gift: a gift certificate to Cold Stone Creamery or another ice cream store of choice. You could spend as little as $5, the little ankle-biter could have a nice ice cream cone.

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