Bye Bye Waitress

There are quite a number of blogs I read on a regular basis (see list to the right, under the Deathly Hallows countdown). Three of these blogs are “servers” of sorts, every one’s favorite waiter, the lady that gives us something to go with our caffeine fix, and a good old barmaid. The good old barmaid is retiring from blogging, and I’ll miss her insights and commentary on humans.

I’m not sure if these three have improved my tipping practices (I think I’ve been pretty good all along) but they’ve certainly made me more aware of my practices. They’ve also (jointly) reminded me (what I already knew) that “folks is folks” and it’s interesting how humans everywhere are the same.

One that that totally amuses me though, these three (wonderful) writers have all had encounters with and commented about cheap mother fuck3rs the more frugal members of our society.

I run a tax business (anyone want to buy it) The thing that I have found to be of interest, is when the cheap mother fuck3rs more frugal folks, is that sometimes the people that whine and moan and complain are apt to try to strike a deal are often loaded not those in the most need.

When the folks go into a restaurant and ask for hot water and lemon (while having brought their own tea bags), or gentlemen go and sit and have “one” beer at Waitress’ bar, or have Barista Brat make multiple bar drinks because the first (and second and third) were wrong (and then try to walk out with the extras for free) the folks serving them don’t know something that I get to find out….

When these same folks come into my shop and try to finagle their way to get discounts on my services (my friend paid “$x.xx at the competition”) (“can’t I use this coupon AND this coupon AND this coupon”) (“but I got a quote of $x.xx on the phone” when I make the policy and know dang well exactly what quotes are given over the phone) they forget…

I’m doing your taxes honey — I know exactly what you make, what your mortgage payments are, where you live, what your property taxes are, how much you’ve made (or lost) this year on capital gains.

So Waitress, Brat, Waiter, the next time someone comes in and tries to pull one over on you — yeah, you could think that they might need a break, but that could also be the person that makes $180,000 a year and LOSES (yea that’s right loses) over $10,000 per year gambling.

At the end of this tax season when my manager and I were looking back and realized, the people that bitched the MOST were also the people that MADE the most.


(NOTE — there were also a number of people that were wonderful, salt of the earth, and treated us as fairly as we treated them).


One response to “Bye Bye Waitress

  1. The Cleaning Lady

    I 2 will miss waitress, But I think of all the other great writers I’ve started reading because they were on her list, or frequent commenters (like US!!!) on her site. SHe’s a great kid with a bright future ahead of her, and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the next 20 years, I’m sure it will be huge. as I explained to her, its just (other) Mother’s intuition, I think you’ll agree 😉
    BTW, Kid still didnt upload Tucks pictures, prom season…yeeeeeeeeeeeesh!
    The Cleaning Lady

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