Dear George, Make up your freaking mind!!!!!

THIS from a speech George W. gave in April …..

President Bush Visits East Grand Rapids, Discusses Global War on Terror
“So no matter how frustrating the fight in Iraq can be, no matter how much we wish the war was over, the security of our country depends directly on the outcome of Iraq. The price of giving up there would be paid in American lives for years to come. … Success in Iraq would bring something powerful and new — a democracy at the heart of the Middle East, a nation that fights terrorists instead of harboring them, and a powerful example for others of the power of liberty to overcome an ideology of hate.”

President George W. Bush
April 20, 2007

THIS from AP newswire

Gay Arab linguists continue to be discharged

Congressmen seek hearing on specialists dismissed under ‘don’t ask’ policy
By Lolita C. Baldor – The Associated Press
Posted : Wednesday May 23, 2007 21:14:27 EDT

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers who say the military has kicked out 58 Arabic linguists because they were gay want the Pentagon to explain how it can afford to let the valuable language specialists go.

Seizing on the latest discharges, involving three specialists, members of the House of Representatives wrote the House Armed Services Committee chairman that the continued loss of such “capable, highly skilled Arabic linguists continues to compromise our national security during time of war.”

*IF* the war is so important to the “security of our country” why are you discharging VALUABLE specialists? It takes a couple of weeks to learn how to point and shoot a rifle, it takes *YEARS* to learn how to be a specialist in a language.

The way I see it, if these folks are not necessary to the conflict, well than it can’t be all that important to begin with and



One response to “Dear George, Make up your freaking mind!!!!!

  1. Maybe because gays are looked on as lovingly as the rest of us not born in that reagion of the world???? The muslums are more extreme than the (excuse the non PC language) fundamentalist christians of this country. They have no tolerance for anyone not of their own faith and location. This isn’t news, it’s just fact. Unfortunately, if someone is out of the closet, and a friend to the US, they have two strikes against them.

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