This never happened when I lived in the city.

I grew up in Chicago. Within the city limits. I was living in downstate Illinois for (too) many years, and while I was there people would often ask “so where are you from,” “Chicago,” “what suburb?” I finally took to saying that I was from “Chicago, city of.” Okay, I guess if you look at the population of Chicago and look at the population of the collar counties, odds are that more people come from the Chicago area than Chicago itself. But with around 3 million people there, SOMEBODY has to come from there.

When I lived in the city, I didn’t live in one of the really BAD neighborhoods, nor one of the really GOOD neighborhoods. I had issues at times, and places where cars broke down where I’d rather NOT have had a car break down (dang Camaro) but I (obviously) lived to tell about it.

So, the other day I’m in white collar suburb and I’m in my minivan. Cars in front of me are not moving, cars behind me are not moving, there’s a line of cars to my right that are not moving, and there are construction cones to my left. So three burly guys come up to Minivan, open the back, and proceed to take about 3 computers, a monitor, and a printer.

And all I could think to myself was …

“well, now that I’m done at the recycling center, it’s time to go to the hazarodous waste drop off.”

When I lived in the city I NEVER had people come up and take stuff out of my car.

Of course, when I lived in the city these guys would regularly come and just wander to my basement and remove stuff. OKAY OKAY so it was the boy scouts collecting newspapers.

Sheltie (with brains of a fruit fly) would sit and watch them.


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