I invite you to copy this.

Some questions for us to ponder while awaiting the book!

Which would you prefer for a pet: Hedwig, Crookshanks, Trevor, Fang or Fawkes?


What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?

A peaceful, well organized home.

What subject would be your favorite at Hogwarts? (assume a nice and competent teacher): Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Divination, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures or Defense Against the Dark Arts?


Which woud be your least favorite?

History of Magic (yeah I know it’s not listed)

In which House would the Sorting Hat place you?

Well, I’m not bright (Ravenclaw), I’m not “unafraid of toil” (Hufflepuff), I’m certainly not power hungry (Slytherin), and I am rather strong so I must be Gryffindor.

Could you see Thestrals?


Which Quidditch position would you prefer to play: Keeper, Beater,
Chaser, or Seeker?


Which magical object would be most useful to you, Sneak-o-scope, Foe
Glass, Time-turner, Remembrall, or Pensieve?


What would be your preferred Hogwarts sweet: Chocolate Frogs, Bertie’s
Every Flavor Beans, Acid pops, Cockroach cluster?


Pumpkin juice, butterbeer, or elf-made wine?

elf-made wine

Is your best friend more like Ron, Herimone, Luna, Neville, Ginny or Hagrid?

Hmmm, as he reads this I best be careful. Neville — he’s quiet, he seemlingly hangs out in the background, and the depth of his knowledge is often surprising. He would also stand up to his friends if they were wrong.

Is the most toxic person in your life more like Lockhart, Snape, Umbridge, Malfoy, Filch or Fudge?


Is your most embarrassing relative most like Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon,
Dudley, or Percy Weasley?

I’m not related to Uncle Vernon. The rest of them … well, I understand the characters, I’m just sayin’

What shape would your patronus take?



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