Cute picture, huh?

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This is a picture from Easter, it’s Chip and his “Grandpa” Y. Grandpa Y isn’t technically a parent of a parent of Chip – but we call him Grandpa and we love him dearly.

Grandpa Y is INTO origami. Seriously this guy leaves a trail or origami in his wake.

I like this picture, I like “watching” the people I love when they don’t know I’m watching. I love watching my children interact with other loving adults. THIS is a picture Crem took that same day.

great minds think alike huh.

Today I have a similar picture — but unfortunately at the time I didn’t have a camera so it’s only a picture in my mind.

Chip was in a ice show at the local rink. Crem actually came to watch day 3 of the show. Spouse and Princess went day 1 (when Princess lost her tooth), Princess and I went day 2, we decided that Princess didn’t need to go again, so today I went and Uncle Crem (who is as much of an “Uncle” as “Grandpa” Y is a Grandpa) came to watch.

After the show, we had told Chip that he could choose to go someplace for dinner since he had done all the “work” of being in the show. He liked that idea and decided where dinner would be. I asked if he wanted to ride in ye old minivan but he choose to ride with Uncle C. Crem has an electric vehicle and I was following them. (Princess and Spouse did meet us for dinner). We were stopped at a light and I could see Crem talking to Chip and pointing out various and sundry things about his car. I know Crem loves talking about his EV (any EV owner loves to talk about his EV) and it seemed quite like Chip was very interested in the car. Chip is taking after yours truly in his interest in the environment.

Maybe, just maybe someday I’ll get Chip and Crem to build me an EV. HEY gas prices being what they are.


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