Adults today (you’re not going to like this)

There’s a lot of talk about “kids today.” You know the story “kids today this” “kids today that” “kids, kids, kids.” “Back in the day …” But we’ve been saying this for quite some years now. I’m sure that Adam and Eve were exasperated with Cain and Abel.

Well, today my mind went wandering (a scary thing, as there’s a nonzero chance that it might wander off and not come back) and I started wondering about some things.

“Back in the day” I held the line pretty well. Ah yes, I was not one to wander from the path of righteousness. Because, of course, I was so pure and innocent knew damn well that if I screwed up my folks would know about it before I got home — and they’d trust whatever any grownup said 100 times more than anything I would say.

One thing I don’t remember from “back in the day” (and it could just be because I was young and not aware) was looking for adult help. And I don’t necessarily remember the leaders, coaches, etc. necessarily being the PARENTS of my peers. In my 11 years of Girl Scouts, I only recall two years that the leader of the troop was a mom of one of the girls (and man I couldn’t WAIT to get out of mom’s troop — I even moved up a year early to get away from mom Of course, mom probably BEGGED Toots & Tommie to take me off her hands).

Now though, it seems that in every activity my kids are in, the adults involved are parents of someone in the group, and in many cases teeth are pulled in order to get the people involved. (Or activities are cancelled).

So my question is this? When you ask “what’s the problem with kids today” I’ll ask “where are the adults?” Where are the people that are *voluntarily* involved with kids, just because they love kids of a certain age or in a certain activity.

Are we all “too busy”?

And exactly what is it that we are “too busy” doing? (I hate when you ask someone what they’re up too and they say they’re “busy” are you too dang “busy” to even bother to have a conversation what what you’re “busy” doing???)

Now, I know there are single adults out there (or married adults without kids, or adults with adult children) that might take a moment to point out that if they were to start to volunteer with kids, they’d fall under suspicion. What single guy would hang around with a bunch of little kids? So that gives us some other questions, like have we either organized or background checked or otherwise scared off some otherwise interested people? (I remember being a Brownie leader when I was about 20 and someone asking me which kid was mine. I’m like “honey I didn’t go having any kids when I was 12”)

When the day comes that my kids figure out that mom doesn’t have a clue and they can’t even bother to talk to me, what other trusted adults will they have to turn to???? I’d much rather have them talk to an Aunt or Uncle or Crem than talk to some other clueless kid.

What on earth is more important than being actively and lovingly involved in the lives of young people? Must be mighty significant cause we’re all so dang “busy” doing it.


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