Happy Birthday

It’s May 5th. In part of the world we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. HEY — a party that involves margaritas is not a bad deal in my book.

BUT today is also significant to rambling-mom for two other reasons.

It happens to be niece3’s birthday.

Niece 3 is almost a high school graduate, who will be going to college in the fall. I’m quite excited because she’s going “away” to college in my town. Course, as a college student I’m sure she won’t have much time to join her old aunt in the minivan lane — but I at least hope to be able to kidnap her for lunch once in a while (especially since her school is right by one of my favorite restaurants).

It also happens to be my best friend’s birthday.

So I sit hear, quietly giving thanks that these two wonderful people are in my life. And I’m not calling Niece3 because, well she’s in high school and I know better to call a high school kid before the crack of noon on a Saturday, and Crem, well last I checked he wanted a quiet, laid back kind of day so if he needs me he knows where to find me otherwise I’ll leave him be and hope his FuzzForBrains

let’s him take a nap.

Happy birthday Sweetie, Happy Birthday Handsome, MANY happy returns of the day.


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