Just call 1-800-Darwin

There are Darwin Awards, awarded posthumously (obviously) to those that, through their own stupidity, have successfully removed themselves from the gene pool. Obviously, some people want to add themselves to the list of recipients.

Here are excerpts from this article from today’s Chicago Tribune.

A few questions first ….

1) Why bring a gun to school in the first place?

2) If you’re so darn smart about guns, can’t you figure if the durn thing is loaded?

3) If you do manage to shoot yourself, shouldn’t you call for medical help before running to hide the gun by throwing it in plain site (on the grassy knoll?)

4) What are they teaching students in Chicago schools anyway?

I had to strike question 3. I mean if someone is stupid enough to bring a gun to school, without checking first to see if it’s loaded, they probably don’t have enough brains to stop the friggin bleeding.

Gun sneaked into high school
Officials investigate security breakdown after 2 are hurt

By Mary Owen
Tribune staff reporter

April 11, 2007

After two students were shot at a South Side high school Tuesday, school officials are investigating how one of them was able to slip a gun into the building, especially since security had been beefed up at the school following a shooting last month.

Police said a 15-year-old student at Chicago Vocational Career Academy brought the gun to school and accidentally fired it once, striking himself in the left thigh. The bullet also hit the right thigh of a 14-year-old student sitting next to him in class.

The students had been passing the gun between them and thought it was not loaded, Deputy Chief Michael Shields said.

Both students were hospitalized in stable condition Tuesday.

School officials said students enter the building through three main entrances, where they must swipe identification cards. The entrances are equipped with metal detectors.

Chicago Public Schools spokesman Michael Vaughn, said reports that students go through the metal detectors at random were untrue.

“Every student is screened every day,” Vaughn said.

However, school security records show the two students did not swipe their cards Tuesday to enter the school, said Andres Durbak, an officer with the district’s Bureau of Safety and Security.

Vaughn said they will review surveillance video and conduct interviews to determine how and where the students entered the school, located at 2100 E. 87th St.

Additional security guards were added after two 16-year-old students were injured March 22 when an unknown person opened fire on them in the school’s parking lot, Vaughn said. After Tuesday’s incident, even more security guards will be at the entrances, he said.

“We’ll provide additional presence at the building and talk to administrators and make sure to get the weapons out,” Vaughn said. “Obviously, the safety of our students and staff are of the highest priority to us, and we will do everything we can do to beef up security at our school.”

Tuesday’s shooting occurred about 2:15 p.m during 8th period, police said. One of the students was showing a 9 mm Ruger handgun to another in the back of a science class when the gun went off accidentally, said Assistant Deputy Police Supt. Robert Lopez.

Lopez said the 15-year-old student ran outside bleeding and threw the gun in a grassy area on the east side of the school. Security guards confronted him as he came back inside, and he led them to where the gun was hidden, Lopez said.

He is being treated at University of Chicago Hospitals, while the other student was taken to Stroger Hospital, Lopez said.


Copyright © 2007, Chicago Tribune


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