A while back, Chip and I were sitting, and I was reading parts of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to him. It was rather disconcerting on MY part as he’d have me read bits, and then I’d get tired of reading and then he’d read on ahead and then a night or two later I’d be reading from further ahead.

During this time, I remember reading the “flight to freedom” scene of the Weasley Twins. For those that have read the books, it’s where Fred and George decide they’ve had enough formal education, and leave Hogwarts (in a rather, ummm, distinctive, fashion).

Chip and I were rolling while I was reading that, I don’t know whether I had forgotten how funny it was, or if it was more amusing while being read aloud. One thing I remember us talking about at the time was how we hoped that that particular scene would be included in the movie.

So today I was poking around and discovered …..

Bye Bye Fred, Bye Bye George, don’t forget to write.

121 days. I think he plans that I’ll be taking about 1/2 the 4th going on 5th grade boys to the midnight movie. Uncle Crem are you joining us this time I remember how much you enjoyed it last time (especially the next day).


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