Make Mine Chocolate

If you look at the front page of my blog, you might notice some bunnies in the upper right hand corner. I meant to write more about this.

THIS is a good example of an Easter Bunny

THIS is another good example of an Easter Bunny

Personally, I prefer choice #2, as choice #1 will likely be eaten by the dog, and choice #2 will likely be eaten by Rambling-mom.

THIS is a house pet. It could live for up to 10 years. As a former child (some people would disagree with the use of the word “former”) and as I mom, I can assure you that no matter how much the kids tell you “please, we promise we’ll take care of it,” they won’t. Three weeks before Easter, ask the owner at any pet store where they $ell rabbit$ what they think of giving someone baby bunnie$ for Ea$ter and they will $ing the joy$ of rabbit owner$hip. (And actually, if you check out the House Rabbit Society website you can find some wonderful things about owning a rabbit). Three – Four months AFTER Easter, ask the rescue workers at any animal shelter or Rabbit Rescue society what they think about live Easter Rabbits and they’ll tell you a different story. They’ll tell a story of abandonment and neglect.

Now I’m not saying don’t go out and get a rabbit. I’m just saying think about it, are you in it for 10 weeks???? Or 10 YEARS. ME, I’m in it for 10 minutes — make mine chocolate.

OH — and since Crem doesn’t much like chocolate, and has no use for rabbits as pets, and since his dog Fuzz(forbrains) would destroy a stuffed rabbit in less than 5 minutes I’ve included a picture of an Easter Bunny just for him.


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