All you need is love

Okay friends, we’re going to get together here to help out another friend of mine. I want to have the combined intelligence of all my readers help out with this one.

My handsome and talented friend Crem has gotten himself involved in a project put on by our young friend, KayLee. KayLee has actually written (rewritten more accurately) a production that will have its world debut on Easter at a family gathering. (It will actually be the first and last showing). At Thanksgiving we did our first production, which involved KayLee, Chip, DNiece#4, DNephew#1, Princess, and yours truly (the only adult in the production). In her second production Crem got a role (mind you, he didn’t audition). Crem was very excited to get this role drafted and the other day he was wondering WHY he allowed himself to be drafted.

My immediate answer was “because you love KayLee.” (I mean really why else would someone allow themselves to get suckeredvolunteered.) Crem often has the honor of being abusedpaid attention to by the kids at family gatherings.

Now, I don’t know what the deal is with Crem — I’d say he’s a sociopath but that’s MY gig — at any rate he claims he’s very confused about the entire definition/emotion of love.

Of course, me being the great friendsmart ass that I am, I pointed out that I’ve HEARD him tell his dog Fuzz(for brains) that he loves him. Crem points out that it’s different with dogs. Ain’t that the truth. Dogs carry a lot less emotional baggage.

Then I point out that love is a verb. I believe this quote has been attributed to Stephen Covey — but I believe it’s older than that.

Anyway being older and wiser than Crem I point out that actions speak louder than words, and his actions show that he has human relationships pretty well down. All the kids adore him (in my book any human that is adored by children and dogs is “good people” way deep down — children and/or dogs don’t love you — well then you’re suspect in my book too). And when a friend needs something he’s there if he can be (but not to the point of letting himself be taken advantage of.)

I believe a concern of his might be if he actually lets ON to people that he really cares about them then they might take advantage of him.

YEAH HONEY — like that’s stopped any of us to date!!!

This weekend was not the first time we’ve discussed this issue, and I am MORE THAN happy to discuss this at length anytime (especially if there’s a Guinness in front of me).

But I was wondering if my dear readers might have any insight about love. Don’t limit this to romantic love — friends, siblings, parent/child, other adult/child, who/whatever.

Interestingly enough, back in January on Scott Adams Dilbert Blog, Scott did a Romance Survey and asked his readers about the most romantic thing they’ve done. His comments on the survey are here where he noted that most people found the doing of household chores romantic. Scott, your readers are brilliant people.

All you need is love

All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

(Okay — so all you need is love and someone to fold the laundry).


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