3 cute guys – 3 easy lessons – one theorem disproved

Yesterday Chip and Princess did not have school. They had an Institute day (an institute day here being defined as “a day when the teachers decide they’ve had enough of the little buggers and they’re sending them home to mom and dad“). Last December we received, as a gift, a membership to the Museum of Science and Industry, Chip, Princess, a friend of theirs, and I went there over Winter break. While there, Chip informed me that he’d like to see Body Worlds 2 and my theory is if it’s (a) educational, (b) free (or basically since we only have to pay for parking with our membership) and (c) my kid is asking to do it, it’s a pretty sure bet I’ll give in without too much pressure. So Chip, Spouse, and I went off to Chicago. We left Princess with Grandma as she would not have had the patience for this particular exhibit.

Crem also wanted to see Body Worlds, so we invited him along (HEY — since we can bring a guest with the membership we could even afford to treat him – bises Crem – it’ll be my treat anytime it doesn’t cost me money oh remind me you owe me a Guinness — HEY I bought the audio tour.) Crem works in the city, so met us at lunchtime. I went down to meet him and get him his ticket. While I was meeting him Spouse and Chip went to the Chick Hatchery. My statement has always been a watched chick never hatches as I’ve spent a great deal of time sitting at the chick hatchery waiting (and waiting and waiting).

So — in the like 15 minutes or so that I’m trying to find Crem, get his coat checked in, look for the camera which I thought was in my pocket something happened. I didn’t find out about this until this morning as I was downloading these pictures …

Anyway good thing I didn’t have the camera with me. So that disproves my theorem that a watched chick never hatches. Course, I love Crem but I’m going to hang the fellow now cause if I wasn’t tracking him down I wouldn’t have missed this. Either I’m going to hang him or I’ll have him buy me (yet another) Guinness. That last picture is cute — see the new chick hatches and one of the chicks that hatched earlier goes over and tries to walk all over the new chick. So while disproving my theorem about the watched chick we now have more to prove the theorem that sibling rivalry starts early, and is not species specific.

After this, Chip, Spouse, Crem, and I went to the Body Worlds exhibit. I won’t even try to describe how absolutely friggin cool it is, save to say that if it comes to your town GO SEE IT. It will give you a new perspective on a real high tech machine.

So while we’re in the exhibit (which spanned a few different rooms) Chip decided that he wanted Uncle Crem to be his buddy (which worked out pretty well as they ended up going at about the same pace). I always have Chip know that he’s not allowed to disappear into another (out of site) area without checking in with an adult, and in a case where it’s 3 adults to one kid I only need to have him check in with one — as long as it’s the same one.

About 2/3 of the way through Crem asked me if I’d seen Chip – neither of us had seen him in a while so we took off in different directions looking for him. I was heading back toward center and I found Chip and Chip dragged me off to where he had been (behind a great big curtain).

Behind the curtain was a very detailed description of exactly what a baby looks like at each stage of development. Easy lesson #1 — where do babies come from. Right now my Darling Niece #1 is pregnant (so I was able to point at 16 weeks and tell him that’s what his cousin looks like), so Chip and Princess both have gotten a new interest in “where babies come from.” OH BABY BABY. [sooner or later I’m sure he’ll want details on how the sperm and egg get together – I’m soooooo looking forward to THAT discussion].

After Chip and I finished looking at the baby growth plan, he went and hunted down Spouse. Spouse was in his own world and I had to push him gently encourage him to follow his son. While Chip and Spouse were in the baby room I ran into Crem and said “did you see where he was” “well that takes care of the ‘where do babies come from’ discussion.” I also mentioned that we got down the “why you should never smoke” discussion. Of course Chip already knows the answer to that one “if you ever smoke you don’t have to worry about the cigarettes killing you cause mom will take care of it first.” Crem also pointed out that the liver does a pretty good job of discussing “why you shouldn’t drink too much.” (Easy lessons #2 and #3) (Of course, Crem, the liver is NO excuse for you not to buy me one or two pints of Guinness). Then Chip comes out and drags Uncle C into the baby room.

I gotta admit though — the entire 9 months in a woman’s body thing is still beyond my ability to comprehend. Life is an amazing miracle.

After we were done looking at dead bodies, we went to watch the Omnimax film Hurricane on the Bayou. This film was started a few months before Katrina, and filmed before, during, and after Katrina. This was shot by the same people that did Everest. As they seem to do films at places were chaos is about to happen, and they currently have a Grand Canyon film in production, I’d advise not going anywhere near the Grand Canyon.

After the movie, we looked around a bit more, and then went home.

Hard lesson #1 — NEVER count on rush hour traffic when you have an appointment. I’m just sayin’

This morning Chip was wondering how much shorter one leg needs to be than the other before they put the “extendo” (an orthopedic metal bone extender) on.


2 responses to “3 cute guys – 3 easy lessons – one theorem disproved

  1. Sounds like Chip shares Wild Thing’s fascination with the human body. Perhaps you have a doctor in the making??

  2. ha ha about the Grand Canyon!

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