Butter, Milk, Eggs

12:30 a.m. — Rambling is mostly asleep — dreaming lovely dreams (probably about Sven or something). Spouse comes in “Is this Butter?” “The Dog” I’m like — is there butter ON the dog?? Nope we seem to have an extra dog around. You go out and walk the collie, and come home with a lab???? Anyway it looks sort kind like it might be the neighbor’s dog – but neighbor’s dog has just graduated from puppyhood to doghood so we weren’t quite sure, and let’s face it we pretty much don’t see the neighbors (or their dogs) during the winter. In my state we hibernate. In addition, Spouse is reading a tag saying it’s from Animal Control and I’m pretty sure Butter came from a pet store.

We tried tying up the dog outside our house and figured out that wouldn’t work. I mean we might make the neighbor that owns the dog happy by not having the dog get loose and run over by a car — but the REST of the neighborhood wouldn’t get any sleep. So Spouse goes out to tie up lost dog at neighbor’s house. While he’s out I get a phone call “there’s ANOTHER dog out here.” I grab an extra lease, but the other dog managed to decide to wander over to the next block through the yards. (I’m not tramping through my neighbor’s yards in the middle of the in my jammies). Finally while we have the first dog under the lamp Spouse notices a tag that says 24 pet find (or something) (why he didn’t see that the first time … you know back when the dog was in our WARM house) so we grab the cell phone and call the 888 number. A guy comes on the phone and we read the number off the tag. He says the name of the dog (Turner or something) and the dog belongs to neighbor’s last name. I’m like “OH on such and so street?” So I guess Butter had a previous moniker.

So, we took Butter, tied her to a tree outside her home, and figure she can wake the neighbors at THAT end of the street.

I wonder if Sven is still waiting for me back behind my eyelids??


One response to “Butter, Milk, Eggs

  1. Um, where was Spouse when they gave out common sense? He sounds just like my oldest brother: brilliant but without a shred of good sense. I’m just sayin’.

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