How do you spell Princess?????


I’ve had many prayers over the years. One thing that I’ve prayed for over and over is patience.

So I’ve come to a conclusion about G-d. G-d does not look like




NOPE — G-d looks more like



Cause G-d is a comedian — and honey the joke is on me. Cause I prayed and prayed for patience and I did not get

but I got THIS

So today is a 1/2 day of school, Princess and Chip are home with Spouse and Princess has already managed to …..

Find some powdered vitamins, find some coffee beans, and find something else. Open all the$e item$, and make some kind of concoction.

The thing is that she gets an idea into her head and then takes it upon herself to get herself into T-R-O-U-B-L-E. And she *knows* she’s not supposed to do this stuff, I’m not sure if she conveninetly “forgets” or what. For instance, she’s managed to get scissors out and cut her own hair — more than once. We’ve told her repeatedly NOT to do that. And I can get this with a toddler (gets bored, gets attention) but she’s 5 now. It’s GOT to stop sooner or later. Right????

I told Spouse with the amount of trouble she gets herself in, she is never getting an allowance. She’s going to owe us money until she’s like 80.


One response to “How do you spell Princess?????

  1. She’s Wild Thing and Moose’s long lost cousin. Those two can tear apart my house faster than a tornado. Sheesh! Maybe Spouse will get a clue to keep her entertained now.

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