bunch of wusses

I’m vaguely aware that there’s this big honking football game tomorrow night. Curiosity got the best of me, and I was poking around and wondered where the future Super Bowl sites were …

Super Bowl XLI, South Florida (Miami)

Super Bowl XLII, Glendale, Ariz.

Super Bowl XLIII, Tampa, Fla.

Super Bowl XLIV, South Florida (Miami)

There’s lots of real nice football stadiums around the rest of the country.

Soldier Field is a really nice old stadium
(Tomorrow’s predicted high for Chicago — 4)

Then there’s Green Bay
(Tomorrow’s high for Green Bay — 1 — well it’ll be above 0)

How about Minneapolis?? Home of the Vikings
(Tomorrow’s high — -2 — that’s the HIGH of two below 0)

By comparison Indy will be balmy with a predicted high of 12.

So why are they going to Miami???? Where it will be 68 at kickoff??

Bunch of wusses.

But I do hear there’s a big storm system headed to Florida.


One response to “bunch of wusses

  1. Well that’s good to know—-I assumed the game would be either in Chicago or Indy. So its someplace totally different, huh? Good thing I know that before tomorrow because otherwise I’d wonder how they got palm trees to grow in either Indy or Chicago!

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