I guess things will never change

THIS is what I do when I don’t go into the shop for an entire day. I waste my time on the blogs.

I don’t “follow” politics as much as some of my friends do. I have 1/2 an idea what’s going on, and when election time closes in I try to dig around and make as informed a decision as possible (somewhat easier/harder with the Internet — there’s more information but sometimes it’s harder to dig between truth and crap). Today I was reading about the possibility of Rudy Giuliani as a possible GOP candidate for 2008. This about sums it up …

Already, Giuliani’s popularity has set off a “stop Rudy” movement among cultural conservatives, who object to his three marriages and his support for abortion rights, gay unions, and curbs on gun ownership. Some social conservatives even dismiss his achievement in reviving New York before 9/11. An August story on the website Right Wing News, for instance, claims that Giuliani governed Gotham from “left of center.” Similarly, conservatives have been feeding the press a misleading collection of quotations by and about Giuliani, on tax policy and school choice issues, assembled to make him look like a liberal.

I’m not saying I’m for or against Rudy (or Barack or Hillary or Danny or Donnie or Joey or Jonathan or Jordan). I don’t know yet – way too early to call.

But I do think that generally speaking most people in this country are in the “middle” of the road. I’d think that *MOST* Democrats AND Republicans are moderate, and we have far more in common than not. I have to wonder if the parties (both the Dems and the GOP) are going to push out the candidates that are in the middle (the more liberal Republicans or the more conservative Democrats) in order to try to put forth a candidate that will toe the party line.

And really — I’d think we’d all be better off with someone that doesn’t toe a party line, but looks at the country as a whole.

Okay — there’s 300,000,000 people in this country — and while you can’t please all the people all time – there really ain’t no reason to only think about 150,000,000 of them.

But what do I know — I’m only one lone voice in the 3 million.


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