Am I shallow????

I was looking over some of my gratitude notes — there seems to be a pattern ….

  1. Feed me, send me recipes, I love you.
  2. Drink wine with me, I love you.
  3. Pizza and hotdogs
  4. Coffee
  5. Jump starting my car
  6. Go out for a Guinness with me and you get to be my *BEST* Friend.

Okay — I guess I was altruistic with the animal rescue folks, but really, this seems to run across the “what’s in it for me.”

Oh well maybe someday (if I remember) I’ll try to think of a few more things that I don’t get anything out of.

Maybe …

If I remember


One response to “Am I shallow????

  1. You aren’t shallow; you are human!! We all love pleasure and it’s very natural to seek it out. Don’t be so hard on yourself hon. You are obviously interested in other people and their lives. You don’t seem to be a bit shallow.

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