But the bottom line is …. feed me

Today I’m grateful for

Alto 2

Whodathunkit. 11 years ago a lot of women were pregnant. Many of them had due dates in August, and we found each other on the Internet. Whodathunkit then that a group of us would form strong long lasting friendships. It’s amazing. In this group different people bring different things to the table, and Alto2 brings a lot.

  1. She has a gift for words. Now, personally I have some of that Irish “gift of gab” and can chatter and make small talk in person. But Alto2 has a gift of the written word (which is something I can’t master, no matter how much I use the Little Brown Handbook or Strunk & White’s) .
  2. Alto2 is “up” on etiquette. Again, one of the things I have not mastered. I think I get on pretty well in life anyway :} but there are times you need to know the “proper” way to do things, and it’s wonderful to have a resource (that doesn’t involve a lot of googling – just a quick email).
  3. Unlike myself (I can’t seem to get this stuff by osmosis) Alto2 has, in fact, managed to learn a thing or two about wine, and when we have our annual reunion dinner, you can count on her picking something fabulous that we can share.
  4. Generally, she has a lot of knowledge, and a lot of resources, and if she considers you a friend she will share endlessly. (But if you read her blog, you’ll realize that you really don’t want to be on her bad side — she shared the other day about how she felt about her OBs partner).
  5. She doesn’t hold back on ideas. She gave a great idea on our attempt to sell our business. Like DUH I never thunk. I guess that’s why I have friends.
  6. The self proclaimed “Queen of Tarts” is a good cook (obviously if someone can feed me, they earn my gratitude). When our group went to Florida she put on quite the spread for all of us.
  7. She has a website called The Need to Feed where she posts recipes. A while back she had a request (from some mom that rambles about minivans) for more crock pot recipes. Last night my family was lovingly fed Chicken Cacciatore which was downright YUMMY (after the prep time).

So, I guess looking at the bottom line, if you feed me I’ll love you. I now tag anyone willing to accept to post some more crock pot recipes. I’m hoping that Cooking is Love steps up — she’s good some great food ideas.


5 responses to “But the bottom line is …. feed me

  1. All I want to know is if I get credit for reading your mind on the crock pot recipe thing. I have a few more if you’re interested!

  2. Honestly I thought you read and THEN added the recipe.

    I guess we’re all in the mood to “fix it and forget it”

  3. Oh my, I am at a loss for words. I can’t remember the last time I received so much unsolicited praise. You are more than welcome for the recipes and advice. They are borne of a need to run other people’s lives, even though I’m not always doing a great job of running my own. (Don’t look at my desk right now.)

    Thank you, RM, so much. I’ll hunt down some more crockpot recipes for you.

  4. I really love this gratitude theme. May still steal it here and there for my own blog 🙂

  5. Christina,

    Imitation is the sincerest of flattery. Go ahead, flatter me.

    And considering that there are folks in the world (my children) that imitate my worst qualities, someone might was well imitate my best qualities.

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