Okay I’m it

Okay Alto2 has set the challenge to find 5 things I like about my body or myself. I figure this can double as a tag and a gratitude.

1. I mentioned it once but I can repeat it (cause 5 will be a stretch) I like my hair. It’s always been healthy and a good color and hasn’t yet started showing much gray (knock wood)

(I added woody — not because my hair is red — though it used to be — but because he’s knocking on wood)

2. I also happen to like the color of my eyes.

3. I like my feet, they get me from place to place and while I certainly give them a lot to bear, I also spoil them by buying them comfy shoes.

4. I think I have a great phone voice. Especially when I’m talking to people I don’t know. I’d be great at customer service (or other phone oriented jobs :}).

5. I hate hate hate to pluck eyebrows — my hair color also lends way to very light color facial and body hair — this does have its advantages.

6. I was having trouble coming up with 5. If I couldn’t come up with 5 then I was going to add that I’m modest – but maybe I can’t add that now???


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