I noticed I didn’t do a post on what I’m grateful for for yesterday, so I guess I’ll have to come up with two today.

And I have at least one.

I am grateful for …

Domino’s Pizza.

Okay, so go figure — pizza. Well, let me explain. I own and run a tax business, so the time frame between Jan. and Apr. I spend a *LOT* of time at and near work. I mean a lot of time. In my strip mall is a Domino’s pizza. Close enough that unless it’s below zero I don’t need to toss on a coat to go there.

Their pizza is not the greatest, the other dishes (wings, buffalo kickers) are passable, the sweets, well I’ll admit to having a particular weakness for the cinnamon sticks.

But all in all, the convenience factor tops the charts.

So – between Jan. and Apr. I know I can count on having more than my share of Domino’s pizza.

And between May and Dec., well heck I live in the Chicago area — I can find *GOOD* pizza then


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