Life’s lessons

We all have a concept of what “school” is — it’s where we go and learn and get educated. Well, education comes from many sources other than school. Sometimes I like to use quotes, I have a couple of links on my google home page, and I’ll find some of the most obscure things. (Hmmm maybe I can start adding quote lines to my blog — I hope my dear readers wouldn’t get mad if the quote did not necessarily go with the entry.

Once in a while though – I can come up with a zinger myself.

This week’s (month’s? year’s? geez I hope it doesn’t take that long for me to say something pithy) winner

The school of hard knocks has a very high tuition.
— Mary Allison Wu

Also found, when looking to see if I had manage to use a quote that I remembered from somewhere (instead of having an original idea)

The school of hard knocks is an accelerated curriculum.
Menander (342 BC – 292 BC)

Guess the esteemed institution of the “school of hard knocks” has been around for a LONG time.


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