don’t it always seem to go – that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone

Today I’m grateful for …

Something most people have in their home. Something most of us don’t think about at all, it’s there, it’s just there. Always.

The telephone.

Now, normally I wouldn’t think about the phone. I might think about my cell phone as something to give a nod to, but my landline. It’s always been there …

up until Thursday. Then AT&T was doing some electrical “upgrades” when, somehow, some cables were cut. Now, a residential area about 2.5 miles long and 1.75 miles wide has all phones serviced by AT&T without phone lines.

It’s just WEIRD to not be able to call people. Luckily both Spouse and I have cell phones but yesterday morning we were both going to be out for a while, normally we don’t think twice about leaving chip home alone for an hour or so (if you’ve read this blog you’ve seen pictures of fuzzybutt — nobody in their right mind would mess with someone with an 85 pound dog present, and if anyone does well they’ll get what they deserve). (We ended up leaving my cell phone home, and Chip having dad’s number and the cell phone number of the friend I was having coffee with.)

Even with my cell phone I can’t call a lot of people I know, because quite a few people I know are in this area. Just think, if I wanted to talk to a neighbor I’d have to walk over to their house :^).

Luckily, Spouse thought to call (before we knew what happened) and found out we’d be out for a few days and had our landline forwarded to his cell.

It’s just sort of weird to not have phone service, and I find it really odd that somehow there’s not some more redundancy. I mean really, 3 days and counting and it’s still not fixed. Bizarre.


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