Today — M.B. NdotS

Today I’m grateful for mbns. I’ve known mb since the early 90s — back before Al Gore even intented the Internet. It all started over a TV show that has been off the air since the week before I got married in 1993, yet somehow we still go on. The group that we were a part of has all but gone their separate ways — every now and then there will be a message, and some holiday cards but really not much communication in the group.

And actually I don’t communicate with mb all that often – but we do keep touch and I did get to see him a couple of weeks ago — his sister lives in the metro area, so whenever he visits her at Christmas time we try to get together (it usually works to except the years he goes and stays all week in Michigan with his mom). I’ve been lucky to meet his family and I think they seem completely abnormal. I do believe his is one of the 5% of families in the world that is NOT dysfunctional.

In addition to being an all around nice guy (the “NdotS” is an old nickname he earned, “net.sweetie”) he has some strong points, and I’ll touch on a few of them.

1) His faith is deep — he’s not one of those people that “phones in” his religion a few times a year. I have a lot of respect for that.

2) He gives DARN GOOD hugs. (In thinking of some of the people I want to address in this gratitude theme — that quality seems to be pretty high on my list :} ).

3) If stuff happens (and stuff often happens) I know that calling mb is calling in the power of prayer.

Thanks MB — you’ll always be n.s to me. (Now I have to remember to send him this link :} — why say nice things about someone if you don’t share them with the person).


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