Pardon my Freudian slip

Spouse and I run a business. Okay perhaps it is more accurate to say that I run a business, and Spouse is at the best of times a silent partner. (At the worst of times he’s trying to “help” when he knows just enough to be dangerous).

As in any business, marketing is a very high priority, and the less expensive the marketing is, the better it is.

Since the business is a tax business, we start running at full steam next week. So I was talking about roadside visibility and was talking about putting flags out and the mundane details about buckets and wet sand vs. cement.

Spouse mentioned that we should put the banners out but I said that right now we should be putting the flags out, and we can’t put the flags and banners out at the same time because the banners are taller.

So then I menioned that right now is a very opportune time to put out the flags, since it’s seen as a show of patriotism since “George Bush “just died. Whoops — hey both names begin with the letter G, and both first names have 6 letters, and both last names have 4 letters. It’s a simple mistake.

(Though you’ll never convince Spouse — the diehard Republician — that’s it’s NOT a Freudian slip).


One response to “Pardon my Freudian slip

  1. I’m an extremely successful sales manager and I wonder everyday if should be doing something else. I master things quickly and get bored easily. Lately I’ve been trying to focus on making my job more interesting to me. I often wonder how people stay in the same line of work, let alone the same damn job for 20 or 30 years!

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