Gift meme

Alto2 tagged me with this — I hereby tag anyone else.

Holiday Gift and Shopping Meme

What is the best present you received this year?

I guess some times it’s hard to say because there’s so many great gifts, and some times it’s hard to say because everything is for ……. but THIS year there is no doubt what the best gift I got was. I can’t honestly remember the last time I got a gift that was so great, and this puts 2006 in the annals of “Christmases to remember).

It was simple. It was a card, and in the card was a piece of paper. On the piece of paper was a poem and the poem let us know that the package will arrive sometime this summer (current ETA August 1, 2007). Any of my mom friends can tell you that August babies are the BEST!!! (Even June or July or September “August babies” it’s the due date that counts). I’ve had 20 some years of experience as an Aunt — so I do believe that now that it’s removed one generation I will be a GREAT Aunt.

What is the worst present you received this year?

I haven’t gotten a worst present yet. However, Crem promised that he’d put some coal in my stocking. He hasn’t done this yet so maybe my worst present is not even getting a lump of coal. Sniff sniff I shall go cry now :^).

Will you shop the after-Christmas sales?

Ummm let’s see, it’s Thursday and so far I’ve only gone shopping at Trader Joe’s to get stuff for dinner, and I went to the pet store to look for supplies for SAS (Crem’s dog). They didn’t have the filter Crem needed for the dog bowl, so I didn’t get anything for SAS, but while I was there I got a chew toy off the Christmas bin for Fuzzybutt at 1/2 price. So I’ll let you, dear readers, decide whether or not that’s shopping the after-Christmas sales. The times I do shop “after Christmas” sales it’s because I need (or will need) certain things and figure if I can get them at 1/2 price why not. (I mean I *could* have gotten Fuzzybutt a different chew toy that wasn’t red and green — but it wouldn’t have been as cheap :} ).

What is still on your wish list?

Chocolate — I received absolutely NO chocolate for Christmas. What kind of holiday is that??


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