I don’t know why I do it. I’m feeling low this time of year and I get that. I know the change in the amount of sunlight affects me. I know that there’s some other stress in my life and yeah, I know I’m a cat and always land on my feet and will push on and chin up and all that.

But through it all I torture myself by listening to all Christmas all the time radio. It’s like I have to plod through Christmas anyway so I’ll just beat myself over the head even when I’m alone in the car. How nuts is that??? (But I’ve already said insanity runs in my family). And now I’ve gone and found a station to stream while I’m on the computer.

And, I find myself listening to lyrics, so I will share some thoughts on that …

I get fussy about lyrics. I like traditional lyrics. There’s a song called Winter Wonderland and the second verse goes something like

In the meadow we can build a snowman
And pretend that he’s a circus clown
We’ll have lots of fun with Mr. Snowman
Until the other kiddies knock him down.

Now, there are like 5,624 versions of Winter Wonderland. A few completely ignore the second verse, and one or two do both verses and quite a few do the first verse (the one with Parson Brown) twice. I’m always like what’s with this — do you not like the circus clown???

So I get all up in arms when someone doesn’t do the second verse of Winter Wonderland properly. I’m a staunch traditionalist, right??

On the other hand … when it comes to good will to men; well I don’t want to abide good will to men, I want good will to all. (So there, I’m not such a staunch traditionalist okay).

Then there’s other things I’ve noticed. There’s quite a few people (I count myself among them) that think that Michael Jackson is a bit off the norm. Well, I finally figured out what the deal is. A trauma happened in his home when he was 12. We all (okay those of us of a certain age) heard about it on the Jackson 5 Christmas album. He walked down the stairs (snuck down) and discovered his mother in the arms of another man?? In a strict Jehovah’s Witness family???? OH my what a tragedy. Right there, in his own home, under the mistletoe, there was his mom with SANTA!!!!


A very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year
let’s hope it’s a good one
without any fear.


2 responses to “Lyrics

  1. Honey, you are under entirely too much stress. You either need to join MLL in a glass of wine or pour yourself a strong belt of eggnog. I have just sung 2 weeks’ worth of holiday music straight, with nary a Chanukah song in the bunch. You think *you’re* tired of those [expletive deleted] sleigh bells? Try being Jewish at this time of year.

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