My readers Naughty or nice???

Santa has *no* respect for the rights of privacy — he’s always spying on people.

Well, this is 2006 and we’ve put it all out there anyway — so it doesn’t matter, Santa can just read our blogs and find out.

Have you been naughty or nice?????? Read here and find out the answer.

mll of Are we there yet:
NICE takes time off work to bake cookies with her daughters. NAUGHTY didn’t send any to ramblingmom :^).

Sock Girl of Old Blue Socks:
NICE putting out chicken for Santa (I’m sure he’s tired of all those cookies).
well she didn’t go into it, but her children did title her as the “meanest mommy in the world” so I’m sure she must have done something to deserve it. After all, her kids wouldn’t make something like that up.

Mimi of The Family Blender:
NICE shares wonderful recipes with her friends.
NAUGHTY she blogs about her children — much to their chagrin (and our amusement).

Alto2 of The Testosterone Zone:
NICE comes up with some bloody brilliant ideas sometimes.
NAUGHTY oh it’s so terrible I don’t even know if I should share it — but it’s out there and anyone could find out. She actually makes her child do his homework!!!! Oh the horrors.

Mom of 4K of Time for the Bell:
NICE Love her laugh.
NAUGHTY she does not keep up her blog. We need more from you girl you write so well.

Mimi’s Man of Life:Found:
NICE he adores his wife, and treats her like a queen (which she well deserves).
NAUGHTY another one that doesn’t keep up with blogging.

Christina from Torry Pines Reflections:
NICE does wonderful giving projects like the 3 day walk. NAUGHTY — hmmm well she hasn’t but I wonder .. the way she talks about the football coach (hehehehe)

LSM from Somewhere in the Suburbs:
NICE This has nothing to do with her blog — but she is the most awesome scrapbooker.
NAUGHTY well — for some reason I can’t link to her blog today – which likely isn’t her fault but I figure what the heck I can list it because I’m finding it irritating (okay I finally made it and put the link in).

bunnybubblette from The Adventures of Bunny Bubblette:
NICE sends people to make comments on Mr Daddys pictures.
NAUGHTY well, I hear she’s made an absolute “elf” out of herself.

If you’re not listed here, and want to be LET ME KNOW, and if I know you’ll I’ll make public comments for all the world to see. I’ve tried to hit the people that I actually know for a fact read this blog.


2 responses to “My readers Naughty or nice???

  1. You are one creative little elf, yourself. I really love this blog entry. Thanks for the pat on the back. I need it today. I *am* the meanest mother in the world. Pbbbft.

  2. How fun. I’m afraid however that being officially one year behind on my albums this month may slide me over into the naughty category! It’s my resolution for next year to get caught up.

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