My family, naughty or nice

NAUGHTY sometimes :^) but that can be nice :^).
NICE We had a stellar morning (yeahsurerightbabe) and the kids got off to school late, Chip without his lunch. Spouse made lunch for Chip and drove it to school.

NAUGHTY 10 year old boys sometimes have a certain increase in testosterone. If you’ve ever been around one, you know what I mean. If not well count your many blessings.
NICE It’s never a fight to get him into — or out of bed.

NAUGHTY MUST be peeled off the bed every morning. No matter how much sleep she has received.
NICE If she loves you, she’ll show you and tell you.

NAUGHTY He sometimes has digestive issues with certain foods — he sometimes forgets to tell us he needs to go out. If anyone is in the mood to give us some new flooring :^) (okay I didn’t think so)
NICE As long as he’s around nobody will EVER be allowed to harm a member of his family. Superbly protective.

NAUGHTY I’m sure he’d like the opportunity — if you happen to know any 35-40 year old single women in the greater Chicago area …….
NICE Multi talented. Geek and handyman (and has a pickup truck). And if you’re his friend and you need his help – he’s there.

SAS (Crem’s Fuzzybutt)

NAUGHTY Has issues differentiating between chew toys and furniture.
NICE He doesn’t slop water all over when he drinks from his water dish (unlike my own fuzzybutt)

Yours truly

NAUGHTY I say naughty things about my family and friends
NICE I say nice things about my friends and family.


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