Now, THAT’S a friend

Today I wasn’t feeling well. All the sudden around mid afternoon my stomach said STOP and I sat still for a while and felt okay — but moving around wasn’t a good plan. So I did manage to sit still and watch some videos I’ve had out for too long.

However, another problem presented itself. Wednesday nights is “class” night. I take fuzzybutt to his obedience class, and Crem takes his own fuzzybutt to class (also sometimes known as “my favorite nephew” :} — don’t tell my human nephew that).

So — tonight the spouse and son (a/k/a Chip and “the old block”) went to class for me.

It was an interesting evening I understand. After class the instructor called me AND Crem stopped by. Quite the excitement with a little bit of an almost dog tussle and then, well come to find out I’m not the only one in the family with stomach upsets.

A friend will take a class with you.

A good friend will help you out in class.

A *REALLY REALLY GOOD* friend will clean up when your fuzzybutt has diarrhea in class.

(Gotta hand it to Crem — usually I’m in charge of bringing the roll of paper towels and cleaner to class — I’d completely forgotten to send it with my boys – but Crem brought his own and then cleaned up).


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