The face

I guess we all sometimes do the “chin up” “grin and bear it” “smile and get it over with” face. Sometimes you have one face you show the world while you’re really going bonkers.

Today I look like …….

But really feel like

I one time saw an inflatable image of Munch’s The Scream. I should have bought it. Not only to use as a punching bag, but also to remind me that no matter how often I’ve felt like ……..

Life eventually gets better (remember the mantra “this too shall pass”.)

But I’m not going to give myself any of that bunk about how “things can’t get any worse” because I know that *EVERY DArN TIME* I’ve said that to myself ……

Sure enough — things got worse.


One response to “The face

  1. Keeping it all to yourself will cause wrinkles! Stop it and share the pain. We all do.

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