Once again, they blew it

Once again, People magazine lists the sexiest men alive. you can check this website 


They didn’t list Spouse. They didn’t list Crem.  I didn’t see Wine Guy or Fly Guy, or   mike.karr or Mr. MLL.  Rather an incomplete list, don’t you think? 

Recently I thought about this, I happened to see someone that I’ve seen a few times, but this time I happened to see him in his element (I didn’t even know that WAS his element — heck I didn’t even know he HAD an element).

Meanwhile, it certainly called for a second look :} :}

So — if you need a topic for a blog — feel free to take this idea …….

What makes a man (or woman) sexy.

I say *ONE* thing is when a person is most comfortable in their own skin.

I’m sure there are plenty others — that’s just the one I’m thinking of today.

(OR what I was thinking a year ago when I drafted this article and then never posted it and when I was looking for something for today for NaBloPoMo ….. — at least now I know why nobody ever commented on this post — nobody saw it — but now if nobody comments it’s because it truly is drivel)


2 responses to “Once again, they blew it

  1. I bet your wife agrees with me.

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