Chess Mom — the queen rules

Every now and then, you get a chance to prove your point. Hopefully for the boys’ sakes I won’t blow it.

Chip enjoys playing chess. He’s in 4th grade now, but has been playing since Kindergarten. It’s something that he has had a varying interest in. Sometimes he’s a chess nut, sometimes he can go months without playing. But, tournament season is upon us.

We (and others) have, with no success, approached the principal of his school to try to encourage the start of a chess club. The last time I mentioned it I was told that there wouldn’t be interest, and that there were too many after school activities and there wasn’t any room (blah blah blah). (BUT — they can manage to have 10, yes 10 different girl scout troops meet in the school).
Anyway, today Chip, and three other boys from his school went to a local chess tournament.
It was the *FIRST* tournament for three of the boys.
They came home with the *FIRST* place trophy.
So tonight I sent a letter to MissChief and told her what happened, and that since the trophy belongs to the school that the boys would love to present it to her.
As I told the Tournament Director, I just can’t wait to shove shoW it to her face.

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