The Limbo Rock – How LOW can you GO

Sometimes I wondered why I signed up to post every day for a month — but I’m bound and determined. Though today I’m having trouble figured out what to write about so I’m moan about my life ……..

My kids are both good. Relatively happy, relatively healthy, relatively happy with school. My dog is the same (even happy with his school). We have a guinea pig (okay — so my sister and Crem remind me that guinea pigs are considered a great source of protein in some countries), and I have a cat that’s 19 years old and every day I say “hey cat? you still alive?”. So my charges are doing good.

Spouse and I — not so well. We own a business that was a bad plan at the time — but hindsight is always 20/20. We’re trying to sell and I’m a bit stressed about when/if/whether that’s going to happen.

Also – Spouse recently lost his job. And while I’m sure that something will come along, I’m a bit stressed about when that will happen and what it will look like.


It’s like not my best place to be. So here I sit with so many parts of my life doing “The Limbo Rock”

Our church has 4 services a week, one “casual” (I’ve never been, it’s on Saturday late afternoon and is a very small relaxed service), two “traditional” and one “contemporary.” Roughly once month I run the computer for the contemporary so I have to sort of set it up to go with the theme of the service and have to plan things out.
This week’s theme
Darkness before the dawn!!!!!!!!!!
Good to know that God has a sense of humor.

One response to “The Limbo Rock – How LOW can you GO

  1. Yes, limbo in life sucks. I hope you things turn around for you soon.

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