Chip off the old block

#1son (henceforth to be known as “Chip”) is a regular chip off the old block (making dad a “blockhead” :}). This boy has inherited many traits from both his parents. He’s bright, funny, attractive, and charming – just like his mom. He’s a procrastinator, frugal, and has a wicked temper (just like his dad).

Okay – he didn’t get ALL his good traits from me, and he didn’t get all his bad traits from his dad (actually, his temper comes from BOTH sides of the family :} ).

We had Chip’s parent teacher conference last week. It was no surprise to find out that he had a practically excellent report card. The only two places that could use work are him getting motivated to work (oh yeah — he gets his procrastination skills from BOTH of his parents also) and his reading comprehension.

We did have an issue with his teacher though — we got Chip’s report card 3 days LATE!!! Seems his teacher didn’t have time to get the report cards ready on time. Something about being at the hospital with his wife who was having a baby that was 10 weeks early. Like that’s some kind of an excuse or something. Well, I set him straight — I told him that I would not let him off the hook for that … unless he showed us pictures of the precious baby.

She’s a beauty. If you’re the type – keep her in your prayers. Let’s hope she’s home for Christmas. What a wonderful present for mom & dad.


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